Top 12 Best Gaming Massage Chairs 2021

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When was the last time you had to cut short the PUBG session due to a sharp pain wrecking your back?

Whether it is a distant memory or a recent happening, you need to take immediate action for preventing further adversities in days to come.

A proper gaming massage chair can serve as your ideal choice in such a scenario. It can massage your back as you shoot down opponents in the Players United Battlefield and offer you a highly relaxing experience.

You will come across a large number of massage chair brands which makes it difficult to make the ultimate choice.

Keeping such things in mind, we have come up with a list of ten best comfortable gaming massage chairs which can help you with the purchase decision.

We will also talk about the most popular types of massage chairs and the things you need to consider while buying the same.

Full Body Gaming Massage Chair

  • Full body massage chair can target all the parts of your body. The type of brand and model selected can highly affect the quality of massage delivered. These chairs usually massage the calves, shoulders, feet and neck. Some of the latest models can even massage your arms and hands.

Heated Gaming Massage Chair

  • A heated massage chair can cater to your strained muscles and nerves with heat therapy. This treatment is perfect for curing muscle tension.

Ottoman Gaming Massage Chair

  • An ottoman massage chair is a budget option which offers a relaxing massage without occupying much floor space. It serves as the perfect choice for people having taller structures.

Zero Gravity Gaming Massage Chair

  • A zero-gravity massage chair offers inversion therapy to improve your posture while soothing your back at the same time.

Comfortable Air Gaming Massage Chair

  • An air massage chair can offer your premium comfort so that you can relax in a quiet environment. These chairs feature a bunch of bags which can massage different parts of our body. The airbags can impart a relaxed feeling especially after an intense workout session.

Things To Keep In Mind While Buying A Comfortable Gaming Massage Chair

Your Requirement

  • Primarily, you need to identify your need, i.e. the specific body part you wish to target with the same. While some such chairs help in relaxing, others are ideal for pain relief. Shiatsu massage chairs can target your pressure points with swaying, pressing and rolling movements. Swedish massage chairs on the other hand offer light intensity kneading movements. Next comes zero-gravity chairs which recline into a zero-gravity posture before proceeding with the massage. Ideally, you should try out different chairs yourself before selecting the one which serves you best. Massage chairs can also focus on different parts of your body. People looking for a good foot massage need to bring home a chair which incorporates foot massagers. Those suffering from pain in the shoulder or neck area need to invest in a chair with neck and lumbar support.


  • After identifying your need, you need to consider your budget. Massage chairs are usually a pretty hefty investment and thus it pays to proceed with a budget-friendly option. For this you need to first chalk out the features you want in your massage chair and compare the models having similar features to make the most optimal choice. Thus, if you wish to only massage your back, then there is no point in purchasing a chair having a built-in foot massager especially while running on a stringent budget.


  • Now that you have considered your requirement and budget, you will have to think about your available space. Massage chairs tend to be bulky and it becomes difficult to accommodate one if you have limited space. They even come with head and foot recliners making it difficult to place the same near walls or in the corner. For this, you should primarily measure the room and calculate the available space to prevent future problems.


  • Durability also serves as an extremely important consideration especially if you wish to use the chair for prolonged time periods. It always pays more to spend a few extra bucks and bring home a resilient chair rather than banking on a cheap model which breaks down the very next day.


  • Last but not the least, you will also have to consider the chair’s warranty. They need to cover both labour cost and parts. A minimum of one month unconditional cash back warranty can also keep you worry-free.

1. Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair Fully Assembled Video Gaming Chair

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The comfortable massage chair from BestMassage Store can soothe your tired nerves at the end of a hectic day at work. Its compact shape makes the chair the perfect fit for houses with limited spaces. The unique design of the chair looks aesthetic whether you place it in your house or office.


You can use this massage chair in any of the three preset auto programs or 5 massage modes, namely, kneading, knocking, shiatsu, tapping and air pressure. It becomes possible to enjoy a relaxing massage experience with the plethora of massage methods. Four airbags positioned on the sides of the seat relieves pelvis pressure and improves the tense of hip and waist muscle for improving your body posture.


The humanization design of the BestMassage chair can deliver a full body relaxation courtesy its SL track massage system. Its rollers glide all the way down under the seat from the upper back. You can take the relaxation a notch higher with its built-in speaker having Bluetooth connectivity. A conveniently placed phone slot in the armrest further adds to the level of luxury. The chair comes fully assembled so that you can simply open the box and enjoy a relaxing massage straight away. High-quality steel goes into the construction of this chair which can support up to 200 pounds of weight.


At 63.4 pounds, the full body massage chair might feel pretty bulky. But it has been specially designed to minimize floor space usage. Caster wheels at the bottom of the chair helps in moving it around easily.


  • Built-in Bluetooth speaker can play soothing music while you relax.
  • Offers five massage modes of kneading, knocking, tapping etc.
  • 4 airbags on both the sides of the seat can add to the level of comfort.
  • Control panel located in the armrest helps in making quick adjustments.
  • The massage chair can render support to 200 pounds of body weight.
  • Compact size makes it the perfect choice for houses having limited floor space.

  • USB charging port and phone holder serves as a nice touch.

  • Can be moved around easily without scratching the floor.

  • Gives a top-class back massage which can impart relief to your strained muscles and nerves.

  • Has a plug and play setup so that you don’t need to spend much time behind its installation.

  • Airbags do not have a separate on/off switch.

2. Goplus Massage Gaming Chair w/Cup Holder and Side Pouch

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Whether you are finishing up an important office presentation or playing PUBG with your bunch of buddies online, the Goplus massage gaming chair can serve you well at all times. It can loosen up your muscles by offering extreme comfort coupled with its 4 massage points.


2 lumbar and 2 back massage spots help the Goplus chair in offering you plush relaxation after a tiring day. 8 different massage modes with extensive adjustments in terms of positions, massage strength and massage time can cater to a variety of your requirements. You can alter the angle of the backrest between 90 and 140 degrees. Both the footrest and backrest can be adjusted independently. The comfort meter gets further accentuated by the spongy headrest pillow.


Premium grade PU leather is used in the construction of this chair which feels easy on the skin and is also pretty easy to clean. The water-resistant leather coating gets further accentuated by the high-density sponge padding. A side pouch helps in storing your everyday essentials like smartphone and some snacks to keep you going.


The 50 pounds chair comes with a stable iron base and 360-degree swivel. You can move it around your room easily coupled with the small caster wheels located at the bottom.


  • Chair headrest can be removed for greater convenience.
  • The footrest can be adjusted as per requirement.
  • Armrest comes with a side pouch for storing your essentials.
  • Tilt angle of the headrest allows to both sit and lie freely.
  • Ergonomic design contours to the natural curves of your back.
  • Crafted using PU leather which adds to its durability while helping with its maintenance.

  • Has a maximum weight bearing capacity of 264.5 pounds.

  • Can swivel around 360 degrees courtesy its stable iron base.

  • Thick sponge padding makes it very comfortable and resilient.

  • Offers 4 massage spots, 2 on the lumbar and 2 at the back which helps in loosening up your muscles.

  • Assembling the chair is time consuming.

3. HEALGEN Back Massage Gaming Chair GM002

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The HEALGEN Gaming Chair can serve you equally well whether you are engrossed in hard-core gaming or simply resting your tired nerves on a laidback weekend. It packs in a large number of features which can cater to your comfort needs while hiking up your efficiency at the gaming marathon. The chair is accompanied with a pair of white cotton gloves which can keep your hands from getting dirty while installing the same.


You can recline the HEALGEN Gaming Chair between 90 to 155 degrees for nailing the perfect posture which is well suited with the type of activity you are undertaking. Its adjustable footrest and seat-height can easily cater to people of different heights. This gaming chair features lumbar cushion, back-massage function and removable headrest pillow which further adds up to the comfort meter.


This gaming chair has been built in such a way that it can easily take on years of rough usage while still looking like new. Maybe this is the reason behind incorporation of a metal frame, high-density sponge and premium PVC leather in its construction. People having maximum 350 pounds of weight can sit atop this chair without worrying about breakage.


360-degree swivel rotation is supported by the HEALGEN Gaming Chair which helps in reaching out to different objects around your room in an easy fashion. Smooth rolling PU caster wheels in its heavy-duty base glides smoothly over the floor without inflicting any scratches.


  • Upgraded back can be adjusted for fitting in with your comfort meter.
  • Solid construction can take on rough use without showing signs of wear and tear.
  • Leg-rest and neck cushion adds up to the comfort meter.
  • Racing style chair blends in both comfort and luxury.
  • Can be reclined within 90-155 degrees.

  • Can be used both during long work days and intense gaming episodes.

  • 360 degrees’ swivel rotation helps with dynamic movement.

  • 5 smooth PU caster wheels prevent the floor from getting scratched as the chair is moved around.

  • Has maximum load capacity of 350 pounds for accommodating both tall and well-built people.

  • Comes backed with 5 years’ warranty on production parts.

  • Wheels cannot be locked into place.

4. KILLABEE Massage Gaming Chair

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This high-back reclining chair features an ergonomic design which can keep you basking in comfort round the clock. This budget chair has a very premium look and comes in various color options so that you can easily choose the model which blends in with your room décor.


The positioning of its backrest wings coupled with its outside curve renders adequate support to the shoulders. This in turn helps in reducing back strain. The soft stretch lumbar cushions are also more contoured and larger in size. Users can adjust both the footrest and the height of the chair as per their preference. A thick layer of durable cold foam padding offers enhanced support and cushioning. Its proper padded lumbar cushion imparts adequate back support while the high backrest properly aligns your neck.


The durable metal frame, solid nylon at the base and explosion-proof gas spring of the KILLABEE Massage Gaming Chair can take on rough use without showing any signs of wear and tear. It can support up to 250 pounds of weight which is ideal for people having tall and well-built frames. Premium PU leather goes into the construction of this stylish chair to help out with its maintenance and also keep foul odor away.


The KILLABEE Massage Gaming Chair swivels 360 degrees which helps in reaching out to various objects around your room. Caster wheels further help out in its portability as they glide smoothly over the floor without scratching the same.


  • Retractable footrest offers superior functional comfort.
  • Perfect for being used in the office as well as while undertaking gaming marathons.
  • Thick soft seat cushion can keep you buffered from succumbing to backpain.
  • Ultra-high backrest offers adequate support to your neck and spine.
  • Innovative USB electric massager can relieve fatigue.

  • Height regulating mechanism of the chair helps in adjusting the same according to your specific set of requirements.

  • 360° swivel offers greater portability.

  • Back angle and recline locking system helps in locking the back within 90-175 degrees.

  • Constructed using premium grade materials which add up to its durability.

  • Has maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds.

  • Lacks adjustable armrests.

5. High-Back Massage Chair PU Leather

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This versatile massage chair can serve you well if you are running on a stringent budget. It has been specially designed to keep you buffered from back pain as you spend long spans of the day perched atop the same. Its premium design can easily blend in well with your existing room aesthetics whether being used in your office or gaming den.


Extra padding on the chair ensures that you can have a relaxing massage session while sitting on the same. Its ergonomic design offers strong lumbar support which can keep you buffered from succumbing to back pains. Seat height adjustment also makes it well suited for all people. Various massage points with heat function is provided by this chair around the back. You can adjust the same easily through the accompanying remote control while taking your pick amongst lumbar area massage or deep tissue massage.


Soft PU leather upholstery of this massage chair keeps it buffered from oil and water spills. This height of the adjustable chair can be reclined back to a maximum of 130 degrees.


It is supported by heavy-duty casters located at the base which ensures that the chair glides smoothly over the floor without scratching the same.


  • Soft PU leather upholstery offers both oil and water resistance.
  • Comes with a remote controller which can be used for setting the massage time as well as selecting the specific body part it shall target.
  • Has maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds.
  • In-built heater helps in improving metabolism and promoting blood circulation.
  • 4D soft armrest can bask you in plush comfort.

  • Offers pneumatic seat height adjustment as well as adequate lumbar support.

  • Feet rest can help you fall asleep in between gaming marathons.

  • Comes with 5 durable caster wheels which glides smoothly on the floor.

  • Has 4 position reclining locking mechanism.

  • Swivels 360 degree so that you can easily reach out to any object around the room.

  • Tends to sag after being subjected to heavy duty usage for a year.

6. Best Choice Products Faux Leather Electric Massage Chair

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This electric massage chair by Best Choice Products serves as the ideal pick for those on the lookout for something which can offer supreme comfort. The couch chair is both well-built and efficient which in turn can accommodate your entire body.


The Best Choice Products Faux Leather Electric Massage Recliner Couch Chair offers massage to 5 different parts of your body for a holistic therapeutic session. Its rollers target all the areas of your body ranging from your back to your calves. The intensity settings can also be adjusted as per your health requirements and other preferences. This chair tends to vibrate more than kneading. But the ultimate warmth generated is bound to bring along relief to your sore muscles.


High-quality faux lather is used in constructing this chair upholstery which helps out with its maintenance while imparting a modern look to the same. Its metal frame further adds up to the sturdiness of the construction. Double padding at the backrest can cushion your body comfortably while you spend hours ahead of the gaming console.


This chair doesn’t rank very high in terms of portability. It weighs around 45 pounds but does not have caster wheels for being glided along the floor. Rather it needs to be pushed from one place to another which might just scratch your carpet or floor.


  • Detachable massaging ottoman offers supreme comfort to your feet.
  • Can bring considerable relief to sensitives areas like lower back, upper back, feet, thighs etc.
  • Users can select their target area along with the intensity of the massage.
  • Has maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds.
  • Has a sturdy metal frame which imparts optimum durability to the massage chair.

  • Has an executive design which can easily enhance your living room aesthetics.

  • Double-padding on the armrest can further enhance the comfort quotient.

  • Has a PU leather upholstery which strikes the perfect balance between style and comfort.

  • Soft cushioned seat can keep you protected from all probabilities of back pain.

  • Can help you make the most out of your massage experience.

  • Ottoman seems to be comparatively smaller for people having bigger frames.

7. Nokaxus Gaming Chair with Massager Lumbar Support

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Imagine coming home after a hectic day at work and having to comply with your little brothers demand of PUBG marathon! Gaming is something we all love but not when we are exhausted to the core. This is exactly where the Nokaxus Gaming Chair can come to your direct rescue with its ergonomic design which can wrap you up in plush comfort.


This ergonomically designed racing chair can perfectly fit the contours of your body for providing comfortable support. The chair can be reclined within 90-180 degrees at the back. It comes packed with thick pillows and paddings which can cushion all the parts of your body.


High density sponge having polyurethane coverage keeps the chair looking like new even after being subjected to heavy-duty usage. Users can adjust the height of its soft handrails. A greater cushioning experience is guaranteed by its thick sponge while the wide backrest helps with better support. The chair can sustain up to 350 pounds of weight and can also be cleaned in a hassle-free manner.


The caster wheels help in its easy portability around the room. The wheels do not scratch the floor or your carpets even when a bulky gamer is sitting on the same. It comes with a SGS Class 3 barometer which can easily sustain the weight of a person up and down.


  • SGS Class 3 barometer delivers smooth seat lifting functions.
  • Thickened support chassis offers supreme stability to the chairs.
  • Large PU wheels prevent the floors from getting scratched.
  • High density cushion sponge prevents the chair from getting deformed in the long run.
  • Soft handrails can be height adjusted for catering to your specific comfort requirements.

  • Comes backed with 2 years warranty against all manufacturing defects.

  • All the gaming chairs undergo stringent quality checks to ensure stellar durability.

  • Ergonomically designed chair supports 360 degrees of rotation.

  • Adjustable height helps in toggling between different postures as per your preference.

  • Accompanied with an adjustable waist pillow as well as a head pillow.

  • Not meant for people having height less than 5ft 8 inches.

8. VON RACER Massage Gaming Chair

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If you are on the lookout for a gaming chair which can guarantee you optimum comfort, then you need to bring home the Von Racer Massage Reclining Gaming Chair. This chair strikes the right harmony between style and comfort so that you can enjoy the best of both worlds without going overboard with the budget.


The ergonomic design of this gaming massage chair can wrap you up with supreme comfort irrespective of hours spent on the chair. It comes with lumbar cushion and an extra headrest pillow for further enhancing the comfort meter. The built-in USB electric massager can provide instant relief to your neck, back and shoulder area from painful sensations.


Each and every part of this gaming chair can be adjusted for being in sync with the specific requirements of its users. Its wide base and lengthy back height makes the chair well suited for people of all heights and sizes. The chair base can evenly spread out its weight across the floor to guarantee a smooth seating experience to gamers. Its integrated metal frame can sustain up to 350 pounds of body weight for adding up to its stability.


Five heavy-duty caster wheels allow the chair to glide smoothly on hard surfaces as well as carpet flooring without inflicting any scratches on the same.


  • Comes with 360° swivel which helps in easily reaching out to different objects located around the room.
  • Back angle, seat height and arm height can be adjusted for greater comfort.
  • Built-in USB powered electric massager can guarantee you a relaxing session even while being engrossed in hard-core gameplay.
  • Full body support is offered by its lower lumbar cushion, high density foam set and padded head rest.
  • Retractable foot rest can keep you relaxed while working on the Xbox, laptop or PS4.

  • Comes backed with a year’s warranty against all defects.

  • High back design relieves tension on your knees and legs.

  • Integrated metal frame enhances its durability quotient.

  • Can support up to 350 pounds of weight.

  • Smooth rolling casters help out with its easy portability around the room.

  • Chair foam takes time to settle in and doesn’t feel particularly soft during the initial days.

9. Blue Whale Massage Gaming Chair

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You would hardly notice how time flies by as you spend hours ahead of your gaming console trying to beat the best score of friends. But being seated in the wrong posture can add up to your discomfort meter and cause an array of problems ranging from stiff neck to backache, fatigue and similar concerns. In such a scenario, the Blue Whale Massage Gaming Chair can come to your direct rescue with its ergonomic design.


The Blue Whale Massage Gaming Chair features a retractable footrest which guarantees greater amount of comfort and relaxation. It can be reclined to a near-horizontal posture for taking power naps in between intense gameplay sessions. You can easily shift the position of the lumbar cushion for bringing it in sync with your preferred posture. The massage pillow can be taken off and even placed in another chair. Its movable armrests can be shifted in left, right, up and down positions.


Durable construction of this chair makes it well suited for sustaining up to 350 pounds of body weight. You can move its adjustable backrest between 90 to 155 degrees for suiting your personal preference. The Blue Whale Massage Gaming Chair features a 20-degree rocking function, explosion proof gas spring and heavy-duty nylon base for further adding up to its lucrativeness. Various components are attached to its all metal frame coupled with solid steel bolts to improve your comfort level while being immersed in video games.


360 degrees’ swivel feature of this chair helps out in its easy portability. It is accompanied with 5 caster wheels which glides smoothly across carpets and hard flooring.


  • Comes backed with a 30 days’ money back warranty.
  • The chair can be replaced absolutely free of charge within 24 months.
  • Lumbar pillow and special soft headrest can keep your spine and neck buffered from succumbing to pains.
  • Retractable footrest guarantees a highly relaxing experience.
  • Integrated metal frame enhances its durability quotient.

  • Can recline back up to 155 degrees for optimum comfort.

  • Has maximum weight capacity of 350 pounds.

  • Smooth rolling caster wheels keep the floor protected from getting scratched.

  • Has a heavy duty nylon base which enhances its durability.

  • Crafted using skin-friendly PU leather which serves as the ideal choice for people having sensitive skin.

  • Electric massage motor is susceptible to breakage.

10. HEALGEN Gaming Chair with Massage Lumbar Pillow GM005

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Each of our bodies differ substantially from that of others and this is why it becomes necessary to bring home a gaming massage chair which can offer optimum customization for suiting our specific set of requirements. You must have heard about gamers complaining about stiffness, fatigue and back health. Ergonomics of our gaming chair can deeply affect our health and that is why you need to bring home the HEALGEN Reclining Gaming Chair which have been specially designed to offer you the best of relaxation.


The chair backrest can be adjusted between 90 to 175 degrees for guaranteeing you optimum comfort. It even features a go-pull tray which can be used for resting your feet and having a relaxing time in between gaming marathons. The extra high backrest can keep both your spine and neck protected at all times.


The chair is constructed using high density memory foam which ranks high in terms of permeability and load capacity. Its premium PU leather upholstery can be maintained easily. It ergonomic design provides an excellent level of stability. The chair has a maximum weight capacity of 320 pounds which makes it well suited for tall and well-built gamers.


The chair can be swivelled around 360 degrees for greater portability. It comes with durable caster wheels which help in moving the chair around the room without scratching the floor.


  • Explosion-proof gas spring adds up to its stability meter.
  • Can tilt between 90-175 degrees.
  • Premium PU leather upholstery doesn’t fade in spite of being used for long.
  • Desk chair height can be increased by 3.15 inch.
  • Pull tray helps in resting your foot between gaming sessions.

  • Comes with smooth rolling caster wheels.

  • Features 360-degree swivel rotation.

  • Retractable footrest can guarantee you optimum relaxation on the go.

  • PU leather upholstery makes the chair plush to touch while making maintenance a hassle-free affair.

  • Comes backed with a 5-year warranty on production parts.

  • Comparatively difficult to assemble than the other chairs mentioned in this list.

11. EDWELL Ergonomic Gaming Chair

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Have you been feeling fatigued after playing your favorite computer games over long stretches of time? If you have an affirmative answer, then you need to bring home the EDWELL Ergonomic Gaming Chair which has been specially devised for catering to the comfort meter of avid gamers.


The chair has a body-hugging design which contours to the natural curvature of our back for providing adequate support to our pressure points. Its detachable headrest and lumbar support can also keep you buffered from succumbing to fatigue or back pain especially while being engrossed in long hours of work or gameplay.


The simple yet stylish upholstery of this gaming chair can blend in easily with your room aesthetics. Its reinforced heavy-duty frame gets further accentuated with an anti-collapse sponge having 53% density. The soft leather is also resistant to damage caused by water and can be cleaned pretty easily.


360-degreerotation helps out gamers with multi-tasking. Its five anti-skid wheels prevent accidents and also glide smoothly across the floor without scratching the same.


  • Caster wheels can support up to 300 pounds of body weight.
  • Comes with 1-year warranty on parts and lifetime warranty on frame.
  • USB-powered massager can guarantee you a highly relaxing sensation.
  • Height adjustable armrest can cater to both tall and short people.
  • Chair can be locked to a (+25°) comfortable angle.

  • Has excellent after sales service.

  • Large seat cushion can offer you plush comfort.

  • Extra-wide backrest comes with 90° to 180° of tilt mechanism.

  • High-density foam padding at lumbar, head and back area offers adequate support.

  • Comes with an integrated massager which helps in relieving back pain.

  • Seat of the gaming massage chair might seem a bit too firm.

12. Blue Whale Massage Gaming Chair BW192

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It becomes an absolute necessity for regular gamers to invest in an ergonomic chair.A proper chair can keep your body protected from succumbing to wear and tear in spite of being seated on the same over long spans of time. The gaming chairs of Blue Whale are specially designed to offer optimal comfort while being engaged in intense gaming marathons.


This ergonomic gaming massage chair can deliver you a comfortable seating experience. Its adjustable lumbar cushion and headrest can optimally support your lumbar and neck region. The chair even comes with a retractable footrest which serves as the perfect choice for relaxing your leg.


Integrated metal frame having high density sponge makes this chair a highly durable one. It even features a durable wear-resistant bonded PU leather upholstery which makes maintenance seem like a cakewalk. The explosion-proof gas spring of this massage chair conforms to international quality standards for keeping you guaranteed about its longevity.


Caster wheels help with moving the chair around without having to worry about scratching the floor or damaging the carpet.


  • Can support up to 350 pounds of body weight.
  • Comes backed with 30 days’ money back warranty and free replacement of defective and damaged parts within 24 months.
  • Retractable footrest can offer optimum relaxation.
  • Crafted using premium scratchproof PU leather which keeps the chair looking like new in spite of being used for long.
  • Backrest can be adjusted within 90-155 degrees’ angle.

  • Features 360-degree swivel rotation for adding to the level of portability.

  • 20-degree rocking function can cater to your tired nerves.

  • Chair can be assembled easily by following the accompanying instruction manual.

  • Metal parts are extremely durable and can easily take on heavy-duty usage.

  • Gaming chair is accompanied with a pair of gloves which can keep your hands protected while assembling the same.

  • Chair doesn’t have a lock to tilt the seat completely backwards.

Final Words

Massage therapy serves as an extremely effective practice which have been used since ancient ages for relaxing your mind and body.

Massages can prevent pain in your shoulder, back and neck while soothing both depression and anxiety. You can bank on an ergonomic massage chair to improve your blood circulation and maintain proper body posture.

The models we have listed out above can help you massively in catering to your health metrics while having a fun time ahead of the gaming console.